Hii babesss! I finally filmed a video with baby e's daddy hehe. This was definitely out of the ordinary for him, but I hope you guys like it! :)
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  1. Taisha Torres

    Taisha Torres38 хвилин тому

    Too cute 😍❤️

  2. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss57 хвилин тому

    don’t put him on social media if he doesn’t like it , i would respect it, honestly it’s the best. especially bc ur big on social media :) but love you guys together ! reserved is the b

  3. Melanny Perez

    Melanny PerezГодину тому

    Elijah is tres cousin??🤔

  4. All the vibes

    All the vibesГодину тому


  5. Yami Lovos

    Yami Lovos2 години тому

    I love herrrrrr!

  6. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss57 хвилин тому

    I wish i win the giveaway

  7. Jacky S

    Jacky S2 години тому

    Cutest Couple 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  8. Melanie Mendez

    Melanie Mendez3 години тому

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1374">22:54</a> the way they look at each other 🥺

  9. Susie Castro

    Susie Castro3 години тому

    I love your top !!!

  10. Annabelle Smith

    Annabelle Smith3 години тому

    I can’t wait to see alondra be a auntie :) Cashapp is $ annabee28

  11. NanaInWonderland

    NanaInWonderland4 години тому

    Wow. This video made me subscribe. You both seem like such sweet hearts. Congrats you two 💕 May God continue to bless your sweet little loving family

  12. Destiny Benavidez

    Destiny Benavidez4 години тому


  13. Melanie V

    Melanie V4 години тому


  14. Jessie_jaye

    Jessie_jaye4 години тому

    Sooo beautiful and how genuine the video went. Saw a different side of you and it’s great!

  15. Monavannahtv

    Monavannahtv4 години тому

    Can't wait to see this beautiful baby and alo be a tía 😍😍 cashapp: $hmoneymo

  16. Diana Nunez

    Diana Nunez5 годин тому

    The cutest! 🙌🏼✨ lol on meee thoe I really thought I was going deaf $dianasoledad19

  17. Denesa Garcilazo

    Denesa Garcilazo5 годин тому

    Where’s your microphone Elsy!?!. Y’all both need one now 😂❤️ I love that your happy 😊!

  18. Klearsi Onofre

    Klearsi Onofre6 годин тому

    No genuine connection Lik it was deff a one night stand

  19. Klearsi Onofre

    Klearsi Onofre6 годин тому

    He seems uncomfortable and immature

  20. Klearsi Onofre

    Klearsi Onofre6 годин тому

    All he talks about is her head

  21. Hitesh Kahlon

    Hitesh Kahlon6 годин тому

    I wish i win the giveaway

  22. Alejandra Jimenez

    Alejandra Jimenez6 годин тому

    Omg yes Elsy! He’s amazing and you guys are perfect 😩😭❤️

  23. Yabbadabbado

    Yabbadabbado6 годин тому

    Hope you two are isolating together and he’s not visiting? Since there is a killer virus and you’re pregnant?

  24. Pablo Martinez

    Pablo Martinez6 годин тому

    Yeah ok Elsy you talk low and he talks low you found your marido jajajajaja bitch where is the microphone I can’t hear shit like ugh me desespera and like it makes me mad

  25. Julianna Cortes

    Julianna Cortes6 годин тому

    alright but the main question o one asked was how long they have been together for ?

  26. Dani Gonzalez

    Dani Gonzalez6 годин тому

    Y’all talk so low😩

  27. Sarai Lopez

    Sarai Lopez6 годин тому

    We need that frozen microphone thingy right about now you guys talk too low 😂 love you tho 😂💕

  28. Teresa Romero

    Teresa Romero6 годин тому

    Are yall gonna have a baby bump photoshoot


    D4RKY SO ST1NKY6 годин тому

    just found out elijah is related to tre and if you guys didn’t catch it when they bring up Benny n Alo he says I’m still “team tee”

  30. P. Luna

    P. Luna7 годин тому

    Baby about to come out silent crying

  31. Andrea Arambula

    Andrea Arambula7 годин тому

    I love the way you both love each other and love your relationship despite the obstacles that occurred ! ❤️ I am so happy for you Elsy. I also love how your hair looks 😍 $yeyitaa21

  32. Summer Alrouhani

    Summer Alrouhani7 годин тому

    That’s just my baby daddy

  33. elisabeth galvan

    elisabeth galvan7 годин тому

    Meeeeee I’m so broke but I love your videos thoo

  34. Monique Kim

    Monique Kim7 годин тому

    Awww so cute 🥺

  35. Jocelyn Solorzano

    Jocelyn Solorzano8 годин тому

    His response are so sweet and funny. I really hope everything goes well between yall. So excited to meet baby E . Cant wait for her to get here. Much love to you and your family. $ mariejocelyn12

  36. marligurl101

    marligurl1018 годин тому

    She’s literally such a pure human being $marligurl101

  37. Stunna Booboo

    Stunna Booboo8 годин тому

    Y’alls relationship has hella chemistry I can see y’all having a family together and everything everyone on here talking shit just mad lmao

  38. Chantal Ortiz

    Chantal Ortiz8 годин тому

    He most def def not it or the one. Just because your pregnant doesn’t mean you have to be with that person. Take it slow. Elsey is so responsible and career orientated/successful she needs that perfect piece of the puzzle.

  39. VivaOssana

    VivaOssana8 годин тому

    I love your hair that way 😍😍

  40. Rebeca Hernandez

    Rebeca Hernandez9 годин тому

    He said he’s team TEA. I’m team BAE lol

  41. Edith Jimenez

    Edith Jimenez9 годин тому

    Omg finally 😭

  42. Millie Doshi

    Millie Doshi9 годин тому

    T: Tre - E: Elsy - A: Alondra = TEA No shade here! Why can’t y’all just be happy that they’re happy!! I swear some people always be trying to fish out something negative from every situation smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  43. Deya Vlogs

    Deya Vlogs10 годин тому

    You guys are me whispering!!!! lol

  44. Brian Djordjevic

    Brian Djordjevic10 годин тому

    Stop yelling at me

  45. alexis lezama

    alexis lezama10 годин тому

    Y’all so cute!!! Omg I loveee🥺🥺🥺❤️

  46. Kristal. YouTube Rivera

    Kristal. YouTube Rivera10 годин тому

    Watching video.

  47. Kristal. YouTube Rivera

    Kristal. YouTube Rivera10 годин тому

    Congrats happy

  48. Christina Pauls

    Christina Pauls10 годин тому

    😩😩 this was so cute! Aw so happy for you both!! 🥺♥️♥️ $CPaulsx

  49. Yareil Vivar

    Yareil Vivar10 годин тому

    Can wait to see the baby soon. So excited for y’all and I am so happy for the new baby girl coming.

  50. Jizelle Rocha

    Jizelle Rocha10 годин тому

    I feel like ur baby’s name will be Elizabeth

  51. Jennyfer Ramos

    Jennyfer Ramos11 годин тому


  52. Maria Mojica

    Maria Mojica11 годин тому

    He stays looking at you like he’s about to rip your clothes off lmao he’s just waiting for the video to end to get it in 😂


    MAMACITA G11 годин тому

    If I was living next to y’all I would forget y’all even live there lol I would be like they r so quiet I forget they live there !

  54. Jenny Quizhpi

    Jenny Quizhpi11 годин тому

    mfff cute ❤️

  55. Natalia Valadez

    Natalia Valadez11 годин тому

    Something feels off but I just hope Elijah always treats her like a queen

  56. Nelly

    Nelly12 годин тому

    he makes her look bad 🙄 Even my man is telling me “Why would he say that” lmao

  57. Daniela Cabrona

    Daniela Cabrona12 годин тому

    Love that yall kept it real af 💜 $danicardona

  58. luz viorato

    luz viorato12 годин тому

    Done bbyg :* $luzannita

  59. Heidyy Gonzalezz

    Heidyy Gonzalezz12 годин тому

    I love baby girl 💗

  60. Heidyy Gonzalezz

    Heidyy Gonzalezz12 годин тому

    I’m super late on this lol sorry

  61. Vanessa Rosas

    Vanessa Rosas12 годин тому

    They both be whispering lmao

  62. Kiria Fuentes

    Kiria Fuentes12 годин тому

    $kiriafuentes 😭


    JESSIFITMA12 годин тому


  64. C Duran

    C Duran12 годин тому

    Baby girl can you buy a mic

  65. ED D

    ED D13 годин тому

    This is the most awkward relationship they don’t seem comfortable with eachother at all

  66. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan13 годин тому

    I hope she’s not manipulative and I hope he treats her right.

  67. Alondra Vargas

    Alondra Vargas13 годин тому

    They don’t even like each other😬yikes

  68. ED D

    ED D13 годин тому

    finna be the quietest household

  69. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan13 годин тому

    HES so cute WOWWWWW GET IT

  70. A 9

    A 913 годин тому


  71. Nadia Martinez

    Nadia Martinez13 годин тому

    I’m dead how they give each other half way kisses 😭 there such a cute laid back couple so cute 😢

  72. Princess Ale

    Princess Ale13 годин тому

    “First Time He Stayed Over, He Never Left” Hahahaha that’s meeeeeee with my baby daddy 😂😂 Happily together 8 yrs now ❤️❤️❤️❤️ $mjmale

  73. G

    G14 годин тому

    He looks like the ice age baby and the baby ain’t even real LMFAOOOO

  74. Jessie A

    Jessie A14 годин тому

    Wow throughout this whole video I was like they’re both very soft spoken!

  75. Lizeth Giron

    Lizeth Giron14 годин тому

    You’re literally so beautiful 😍

  76. stefany ramirez

    stefany ramirez14 годин тому

    Okay everyone needs to stop w the negative comments this is probably the reason they didn’t want to show their relationship to the public because someone always have something negative to say. They both have clarified he is shy! How would you guys feel if you filmed a video w someone big knowing there will be so many people watching you and judging every single thing about you! 🙄.

  77. Anna Thep

    Anna Thep14 годин тому

    So happy for you 💕 $annathep

  78. Estefany Meza

    Estefany Meza14 годин тому

    He looks a lot like tres mom !!!

  79. Hello Lovely

    Hello Lovely14 годин тому

    I’m not trying to be negative but I mean if you’re not using protection and know you can get her pregnant why’d you react like that and leave to think about how you got someone pregnant ..🥴 I mean..if you weren’t ready he shouldn’t have been leading her on saying to have kids just my opinion

  80. Kimberly Delgado

    Kimberly Delgado14 годин тому

    I don’t like that guy who the fuck says “she has a big ass head” over and over like we get it dude instead of saying your beautiful (which you are elsy) love you sm and keep your head up you will be an amazing mommy to your babygirl 💕🥰

  81. Hello Lovely

    Hello Lovely14 годин тому

    I am the exact same way about cutting people off real quick! It’s not just about trust issues, I just don’t like to invest my time or energy in people who can’t keep their end of the bargain 🥴

  82. TheShortyy001

    TheShortyy00114 годин тому

    These comments have me dead lmfaooo definitely are meant for each other 😂 her daughter about to be whispering too💀😂 at least she wont be crying so loud lol

  83. Angiee Arriaga

    Angiee Arriaga15 годин тому

    Ugh you guys are so cute 🥺 Best wishes in your relationship, can’t wait to see your baby!💘 $angelicarriaga